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Follow these Tips to Improve Employee Engagement

Increasing Employees Engagement can be a difficult task. As a business, you have to guarantee that your employees are enthusiastic about their occupations and that they come to the workplace eager to perform the best. 
Employees who are engaged go that extra mile, work with energy, and feel a significant association with their organization. They play a significant role in driving the growth and advancement of your business. 

Engaged personnel may offer the best undiscovered open door for organizations to enhance their execution and productivity. It could be hard to spot the employees who are dedicated to their work but it could be harmful; if ignored. Employees could be hostile and only consider their workplace a medium to sustain their livelihood. The not-engaged employees sleepwalk as the day progresses, deadened and lacking inspiration. They will be unbothered and uninterested in the core operations of your organization.


Most studies point to the way that employees’ commitment directly affects efficiency and productivity. That appears to be plainly obvious, yet numerous leaders still battle to characterize, measure and enhance Employees engagement in their organization.


Fortunately, organizations can enhance commitment by giving careful consideration to their employees. The good news is that doing as such doesn’t need to include spending expansive aggregates of money. Or maybe, leaders must act purposely and mindfully. It won’t work to just get thoughts from different organizations without first ensuring the practices fit into your own company’s culture. What works for another organization might not necessarily work for yours.


Few important things to keep in mind whilst working towards improving Employee Engagement:


  1. One of the most proficient methods to build employee engagement in the work environment is by offering flexibility to your workers. This gives your representatives the opportunity to alter their work routines and maintain their work-life balance. Relatively few bosses trust their employees in completing the work without their managers’ vigilant eye-keep but you would be amazed. At the point when given the adaptable hours rather than the unbending 8–5 timings, individuals will, in general, be more beneficial, more joyful and more drawn in at the work environment.
  2. As an expert Recruitment agency, we suggest you to urge your workers to participate in volunteer tasks as a group. Cooperating to help other people exhibits that the organization isn’t just about profiting, but also about having some kind of contribution in the growth of the society.
  3. Leaders enhance engagement by characterizing and conveying an incredible vision for their organization. They employ and create supervisors that are candidly put resources into the company’s central goal and vision and give them the means to create incredible groups with the correct individuals in the right jobs. When people are where they are meant to be, it not just contributes towards an organization’s growth but employees’ engagement as well.
  4. No leader can hope to build a culture of trust and responsibility — let alone improve employee engagement — without providing the right direction to the employees. This implies giving advanced training and improvement. Provide your employees with yearly, quarterly training for their individual growth and learning, when they gain — they engage.
  5. In an organization where the employees are not being heard is striving on the short-term growth process. If the employees are not listened to, they will feel demotivated and frustrated and remain doubtful of their own performance. Listening to your employees is the most significant aspect of engaging your employees for the success of your company. It also improves your company culture by maintaining a positive environment and open conversations.


Employees are the best assets for an organization, so leaders and managers should make efforts to take care of them as individuals and help them grow and drive towards growth.

Strategic Hiring: Advantages of Hiring Through Recruitment Agency

The department that plays a pivotal role in bringing in quality resources in an organization is Human Resources. It is their duty to filter out potential resources from the lot and utilize them to their maximum potential in accordance with organizational goals.

However, an organization’s HR department plays various roles in parallel hiring being one of them. The process starts all the way from attracting candidates for open job positions, application process, interviewing, selecting, onboarding and then training. Needless to say, it is a long drawn-out process. The procedure of recruiting new employees takes up way too much time and can disturb the smooth momentum of any company’s activities, the best option that comes up to avoid this strenuous process is to get help from a Recruitment Agency.


The major task of recruitment agencies in India is to act as a bridge between job seekers and organizations. With Market expertise and well defined recruitment process, they can be very beneficial for bringing in top talent in any organizations.


1. Time-saving: Every business needs to be disciplined in order to work effectively and efficient. Time is an important factor in successful organizations. From receiving various application, sorting out CVs and choosing the right candidate for the job is a time consuming process. Placement Agencies expertise in recruitment field and they solely focus on recruitment processes. They save a huge amount of time as they take care of your hiring drive. 
2. Cost Effective: Hiring through recruitment agencies saves you considerable amount of cost. Advertising jobs, training selected employees and administrative activities through a recruitment process can put a strain on a budget. Employers can fully depend on staffing agencies to match remarkable and suitable resource with the job position. Since, recruitment agencies have access to various job portals which enable them to provide perfect resource according to your needs. 
3. Extended Reach: Receiving thousands of job applications is not the most difficult task but finding the one right for the job is. Recruiting agencies have a well spread network, where they are acquainted with people from various different industries. Because of their extended reach they can fill a role faster than any HR department.

4. Industry Experts: Recruiters are Industry experts. They are thorough with every new technology, tools, trends, and methods that are coming up. Through their industry expertise not only they provide quality resources but with advanced screening and interview process. If you work with a staffing agency, you will find out that they understand your company culture and bring in potential resources who check all the boxes of your job description requirements.

5. Long-term partnership: If you access the services of recruitment agencies once, it is likely that you’ll turn to them when you have any resource requirement. They build partnerships for a long tenure and then you never have to waste time on calling out and search candidates for any job role. You can trust them with your money and time that they will provide you with the best in the market.


Thus, Recruitment companies help you with all your hiring worries and free you from the burden of increased cost for extra staff, time and resources for a task that could be done effectively and efficiently by an expert agency in the industry. If you have any requirement for any job role in any industry Recruit can help you by providing the best resources in no time!


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5 Ways to Improve the Recruitment Process

Did you know 64% of applicants would share negative application experiences with Friends and Family and also post negative reviews online?


What saves you from the horrors of the negative market image?


Yes. A better recruitment process.


The current job-market is candidate-driven, which means you don’t get to choose the talent you want anymore. An effective and efficient Recruitment Process is just not necessary to make Candidates’ experience better but it puts up an extremely positive image of the company in front of peers, competitors, and customers.


Employing the right kind of people is the most important part of your business. Strategically improving your recruitment process is significant, not only does it shows your professionalism, but it also reflects care towards candidates and their time value.

Even the top recruitment agencies in India can follow these practices to improve the recruitment process.


Here are 5 proven ways you can improve your Recruitment Process:


1. Job Description-

The job description should be Clear. Concise. Accurate.

You don’t get it if you don’t tell exactly what you’re looking for!

Don’t mess with the description of requirements that you have set eyes for, it’s already difficult to reach Quality Talent, but losing them with a confusing or not explanatory enough JD is just bad business.

HR teams need to work on strategies to appeal to candidates in the same way marketers appeal to consumers — Divide Job descriptions into must-haves and nice-to-haves sections so that it is precisely clear to the candidates what they are going into.


2Go Social- If you’re not doing social recruiting yet, you’re missing out on great opportunities to acquire quality talent. Majority of recruiters rely on social platforms to seek out resources for open positions.

As one of the growing social networks, LinkedIn provides great opportunities to grow an influential professional network and connect directly to the top resources in the industry. Referrals are one of the most dependable sources to find the right candidates via social media. You can even narrow down your searches and exactly land at the specific requirement through keywords. Go on, Try it.


3. Improve your Efficiency- Hiring employees is a time-consuming process, so when you’re recruiting make sure you’re working in an organized manner otherwise the process has the tendency to spiral out.

Build a checklist for standard processes, keep the candidate data in one place in an organized manner. You can also choose email templates to ask for referrals or invite candidates for an interview.


4. Evaluate Candidates Effectively- A better recruitment process revolves around an effective approach for the screening of the candidates which helps you seek out the best suitable employees for the Job. Evaluate their work folios very keenly to get an idea of their skills.

Improve the structure of your job interviews, prepare questions beforehand and tie them up to the job requirements.


5. Strengthen Candidates’ Experience- A positive candidate experience is good for your employer brand and helps you build a healthy way for future resources. For example, a long interview or application process can cause candidates to drop out in the middle. Try making your application process efficient, skip asking for information from employees that you could find online. Follow up quickly with candidates whether it is a yes a no from your end — No one likes being hung up, it also presents your brand as genuine.


Undoubtedly, you’ll save enough time and money if your organization follows an effective and efficient recruitment process. Make sure to pursue an organized manner and you will find resources that will prove to be great assets to your business.


We at Recruit, one of the top recruitment firm in India, follows the best and advanced practices to seek out top talents in the country and keep candidates’ experience smooth and professional.

War of Talent- The Challenges & Solutions to find the Right Talent

Did you know?

Approximately 72% industry leaders are struggling to find the relevant candidates and even if they find the talent, there is a vast mismatch in the available talent and required skills.


And, 82% of employee turnover is because of poor hiring strategies.


In this fast-paced world, recognizing the right talent is almost as crucial as formulating a well-thought out business strategy, if not more. Without the right people to execute your business plans, the success rate of your organizations will rapidly see a downfall.


Finding the Right Talent

Attracting skilled talent is complex and often a time-consuming process; the tug of war for top talent continues to be a challenge across industries, and most leaders and recruiters will agree that the difficulty does not end here — retention can also be an uphill battle.


  • The Challenges-
  1. The Generation Gap- There is an undeniable difference in today’s generation. Millennials today, want to be challenged, they crave recognition, and they are more fast and smart, who can catch empty big words from miles.
  2. Lack of supply- According to HR professionals, Due to the low number of applicants and higher demand for skilled personnel, it’s getting harder to find talent.
  3. Lack of Experience- Lack of required work experience among the candidates who apply and competition across industries is making it difficult to find the right skilled personnel.
  4. Narrow skill set- The business world is multi-faceted; Growing at a rapid pace and it is getting tough to match the required skill set that industries demand.
  5. Inflexible work culture- Candidates are all about how it feels, the inflexible work environment can drive away potential workforce.
  6. Brand Recognition- If a company has negative or inaccurate image in the market, it can make filling open positions tough and could also impact new candidates’ decision to apply.

The Solutions-

  1. Millennials want to work with a purpose and be a part of something bigger than just earning — providing them various career and skill development opportunities and making them part of your success vision will give them a sense of direction and purpose.
  2. The ideal candidate might not exist but you can separate the must-haves and good-to-have resources on the basis of your priority. Make your hiring process efficient; Short interview process & Quick feedback afterward might help you fetch quality personnel over your competitors.
  3. To compensate for a lack of experience and skills in a candidate that could be an effective hire, companies can provide on-job education and training programs. If mandatory qualifications are required, consider engaging a recruiting agency partner, Recruit ensures each candidate undergoes a thorough screening and skills assessment, and you get only the top-qualified talent.
  4. Every organization shall consider its employees’ growth alongside their own. Strengthen your existing employees with additional skills according to trend and requirements & Encourage people to develop a wide knowledge of technologies to enable career development and drive innovation.
  5. Advancement in technology and everything being so digital today, have enabled employees to communicate virtually. Flexible working hours, facilitating work from home and providing free-meal within the company can help attract applicants in bulk.

6. Organizations with a name well-known name find it easy to fill a position, everything about your brand is online today- if you find anything negative or misleading, consider re-establishing your brand image and use promotional strategies to re-define your reputation in the market.


Companies must aim to improve the candidate experience throughout the hiring process. Recruit, a top recruitment agency in Indiauses a strategic approach and advanced techniques to help organizations acquire Skilled & Quality personnel; is committed to finding the right talent that you need and provides you with the manpower solutions that prove to be effective, efficient and everlasting for your business.

Sustain & Retain- A strategic approach to uphold the Quality Talent

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”- Richard Branson


After the extensive time and efforts being put into the recruiting process, it is crucial to lay out a strategy to retain the right talents. Cultural quirks, vacation benefits, and lucrative increments are not enough to sustain quality personnel, job satisfaction plays a significant role in holding employees for long.


Employees are assets; even if everyone will not like every aspect of their job, it is your duty as a reputed employer brand to provide stimulating challenges and give space for their innovation to run in a positive workplace environment. Engaging with your employees instead of preaching them and taking care of how they feel; will help them grow and make them feel appreciated- in the long-run.


You may get in touch with top recruitment agencies in India which will provide you with quality personnel; however the strategic planning and policies to retain them is your road to walk on.


Causes of High Employee Turnover Rate:

  • Workload
  • Toxic company culture’
  • Lack of career development opportunities
  • Lack of recognition
  • Biased treatment

The solutions-


  1. Equal work division- 70% of employees feel overwhelmed with their workload; make sure work is evenly distributed across departments. If you find out your staff is overworked, hire new employees or maybe bring freelancers into the mix.
  2. Workplace environment & productivity- Work culture and employees’ productivity is co-related. Take pro-active part in knowing how your employees are feeling and if they are not satisfied; what can be done to improve the environment.
  3. Employees’ growth- Everyone wants to grow in their career; if employees are not provided with enough career development opportunities, don’t be shocked when there is a sleek exit. Start various employee development programs and keep your doors open for them to knock if they have an opinion.
  4. Employees’ recognition- Give credit where it is due. When employees are not recognized for their efforts they feel demotivated which in turn affects their productivity and work ethic. Use the magnet of Employee value proposition and reinforce your employee recognition program.
  5. Unbiased Treatment- Don’t play the favoritism game. Partiality between your employees makes them feel inferior & under-appreciated. Treat them equally and encourage the team spirit; because not only it makes a positive environment for every individual but ensures effective and efficient goal driven actions.

The conclusion-

According to the result of a survey published in Forbes60% of candidates said they didn’t feel that their career goals were aligned with the organizational goals that their company had for them. More astonishing is that more than 70% said that they didn’t feel valued or appreciated by their boss.


A company’s most quality resources can have meaningful effects across the firm. But when burgeoning talent is misidentified, uncared for, or unrewarded, these employees become a drag on overall performance of the business. Their disengagement and eventual derailment can lead to depleted leadership ranks and damage employees’ dedication and retention.


The major giants like Dell, Google, IBM and Microsoft etc. work strategically to sustain their employees by providing them with personalized learning, guidance and invest hugely in their Employee Value Proposition Programs. Although not every company can invest large sums on these perks but a little care and thoughtfulness goes a long way! Similarly, you must Work on your company culture as it plays a huge role in sustaining the employees, big words and not following up with them breaks trust and affects your personnel grit and dedication for the work.


Recruit provides a wide range of human resource solutions across industries such as Accounting and Finance recruitment, Hospitality recruitment,Industrial and Manufacturing recruitment etc. after thorough research and extensive screening process. We study every candidate’s profile, characteristics and history in depth and gauge the longevity capability of the employees. We are by your side at every step; if an employee leaves within 90days of hiring, we provide a replacement without any questions!