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5 Ways to Improve the Recruitment Process

Did you know 64% of applicants would share negative application experiences with Friends and Family and also post negative reviews online?


What saves you from the horrors of the negative market image?


Yes. A better recruitment process.


The current job-market is candidate-driven, which means you don’t get to choose the talent you want anymore. An effective and efficient Recruitment Process is just not necessary to make Candidates’ experience better but it puts up an extremely positive image of the company in front of peers, competitors, and customers.


Employing the right kind of people is the most important part of your business. Strategically improving your recruitment process is significant, not only does it shows your professionalism, but it also reflects care towards candidates and their time value.

Even the top recruitment agencies in India can follow these practices to improve the recruitment process.


Here are 5 proven ways you can improve your Recruitment Process:


1. Job Description-

The job description should be Clear. Concise. Accurate.

You don’t get it if you don’t tell exactly what you’re looking for!

Don’t mess with the description of requirements that you have set eyes for, it’s already difficult to reach Quality Talent, but losing them with a confusing or not explanatory enough JD is just bad business.

HR teams need to work on strategies to appeal to candidates in the same way marketers appeal to consumers — Divide Job descriptions into must-haves and nice-to-haves sections so that it is precisely clear to the candidates what they are going into.


2Go Social- If you’re not doing social recruiting yet, you’re missing out on great opportunities to acquire quality talent. Majority of recruiters rely on social platforms to seek out resources for open positions.

As one of the growing social networks, LinkedIn provides great opportunities to grow an influential professional network and connect directly to the top resources in the industry. Referrals are one of the most dependable sources to find the right candidates via social media. You can even narrow down your searches and exactly land at the specific requirement through keywords. Go on, Try it.


3. Improve your Efficiency- Hiring employees is a time-consuming process, so when you’re recruiting make sure you’re working in an organized manner otherwise the process has the tendency to spiral out.

Build a checklist for standard processes, keep the candidate data in one place in an organized manner. You can also choose email templates to ask for referrals or invite candidates for an interview.


4. Evaluate Candidates Effectively- A better recruitment process revolves around an effective approach for the screening of the candidates which helps you seek out the best suitable employees for the Job. Evaluate their work folios very keenly to get an idea of their skills.

Improve the structure of your job interviews, prepare questions beforehand and tie them up to the job requirements.


5. Strengthen Candidates’ Experience- A positive candidate experience is good for your employer brand and helps you build a healthy way for future resources. For example, a long interview or application process can cause candidates to drop out in the middle. Try making your application process efficient, skip asking for information from employees that you could find online. Follow up quickly with candidates whether it is a yes a no from your end — No one likes being hung up, it also presents your brand as genuine.


Undoubtedly, you’ll save enough time and money if your organization follows an effective and efficient recruitment process. Make sure to pursue an organized manner and you will find resources that will prove to be great assets to your business.


We at Recruit, one of the top recruitment firm in India, follows the best and advanced practices to seek out top talents in the country and keep candidates’ experience smooth and professional.