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War of Talent- The Challenges & Solutions to find the Right Talent

Did you know?

Approximately 72% industry leaders are struggling to find the relevant candidates and even if they find the talent, there is a vast mismatch in the available talent and required skills.


And, 82% of employee turnover is because of poor hiring strategies.


In this fast-paced world, recognizing the right talent is almost as crucial as formulating a well-thought out business strategy, if not more. Without the right people to execute your business plans, the success rate of your organizations will rapidly see a downfall.


Finding the Right Talent

Attracting skilled talent is complex and often a time-consuming process; the tug of war for top talent continues to be a challenge across industries, and most leaders and recruiters will agree that the difficulty does not end here — retention can also be an uphill battle.


  • The Challenges-
  1. The Generation Gap- There is an undeniable difference in today’s generation. Millennials today, want to be challenged, they crave recognition, and they are more fast and smart, who can catch empty big words from miles.
  2. Lack of supply- According to HR professionals, Due to the low number of applicants and higher demand for skilled personnel, it’s getting harder to find talent.
  3. Lack of Experience- Lack of required work experience among the candidates who apply and competition across industries is making it difficult to find the right skilled personnel.
  4. Narrow skill set- The business world is multi-faceted; Growing at a rapid pace and it is getting tough to match the required skill set that industries demand.
  5. Inflexible work culture- Candidates are all about how it feels, the inflexible work environment can drive away potential workforce.
  6. Brand Recognition- If a company has negative or inaccurate image in the market, it can make filling open positions tough and could also impact new candidates’ decision to apply.

The Solutions-

  1. Millennials want to work with a purpose and be a part of something bigger than just earning — providing them various career and skill development opportunities and making them part of your success vision will give them a sense of direction and purpose.
  2. The ideal candidate might not exist but you can separate the must-haves and good-to-have resources on the basis of your priority. Make your hiring process efficient; Short interview process & Quick feedback afterward might help you fetch quality personnel over your competitors.
  3. To compensate for a lack of experience and skills in a candidate that could be an effective hire, companies can provide on-job education and training programs. If mandatory qualifications are required, consider engaging a recruiting agency partner, Recruit ensures each candidate undergoes a thorough screening and skills assessment, and you get only the top-qualified talent.
  4. Every organization shall consider its employees’ growth alongside their own. Strengthen your existing employees with additional skills according to trend and requirements & Encourage people to develop a wide knowledge of technologies to enable career development and drive innovation.
  5. Advancement in technology and everything being so digital today, have enabled employees to communicate virtually. Flexible working hours, facilitating work from home and providing free-meal within the company can help attract applicants in bulk.

6. Organizations with a name well-known name find it easy to fill a position, everything about your brand is online today- if you find anything negative or misleading, consider re-establishing your brand image and use promotional strategies to re-define your reputation in the market.


Companies must aim to improve the candidate experience throughout the hiring process. Recruit, a top recruitment agency in Indiauses a strategic approach and advanced techniques to help organizations acquire Skilled & Quality personnel; is committed to finding the right talent that you need and provides you with the manpower solutions that prove to be effective, efficient and everlasting for your business.